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Radio Sync

Radio Sync

Radio Sync is an iPhone app that allows you to delay an audio signal in order to synchronize it with another signal. You can use it so sync a live event that is broadcast simultaneously on television and radio. The app is built in xCode and Objective C and distributed via the Apple App Store.

Radio Sync

The delay time of a live television signal varies, but typically ranges from four to ten seconds.

Project challenge

Build an app that accepts an audio signal as input and delays the signal by a specified amount of time so the signal can be synced with another audio signal broadcasting the same content via a different medium. For example, delay the radio broadcast for a football game so it syncs with the slightly delayed television broadcast.

Our solution

Below is the Radio Sync app as it appears on iPhone, as well as a technical diagram showing how to configure Radio Sync using an iRig audio input device.

Radio sync app and setup image

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