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Polar Bears

Polar Bears

We built the website for the Polar Bear club in Jacksonport, Wisconsin. Every New Year’s Day, hundreds of swimmers in the club jump into the icy waters of Lake Michigan, defying cold, ice, and rational thought.

Polar Bears

The polar bear site is used by people from all over the country and the world who participate in the swim, so it needs to quickly deliver location and scheduling information on mobile devices being used by people on their way to the swim.

Project challenge

Build a visually interesting and beautiful website to attract swimmers to the New Year’s Day event.

The site must be optimized for mobile use, quickly provide users with the information they need to know about the event, and easily be edited by the officers of the club.

Our solution

Using WordPress, we built a site that is largely contained on a single page with scrolling navigation so few pages need to be loaded, which makes the user experience faster on mobile devices. To make the build faster and the site easier to maintain, we used a combination of Advanced Custom Fields and the Twig PHP templating engine (via the Timber plug-in) to build the templates.

Polar bear website on various devices

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