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Baraboo Riverwalk Signs

Baraboo Riverwalk Signs

We did signage for the Riverwalk in Baraboo, Wisconsin. The idea was to construct five kiosks with maps showing your current position on the Riverwalk. For budgetary reasons, the kiosks are yet tio be built, but the maps have been posted online and can be downloaded.

Baraboo Riverwalk Signs

The Baraboo Riverwalk follows the Baraboo River for almost 3 miles, passing through many parks and near the Circus World Museum.

Project challenge

Design a set of five outdoor signs showing the path of the Baraboo Riverwalk. Each sign will be in a kiosk and will show the walker’s position on the Riverwalk. The signs will measure five feet wide and three feet tall.

Our solution

We designed geographically accurate maps showing the path of the Riverwalk, as well as adjoining parks and other places of interest. The signs also show the distances between the kiosks along the Riverwalk path. Below is one of the signs.

Baraboo Riverwalk sign

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