Anachronism Press Case Study

GTiMA Website

GTiMA Website

The GTiMA’s goal is to promote economic growth through better management of transportation systems. We built a website for them so they could better communicate with their members and encourage active participation in the organization.

GTiMA Website

GTiMA’s site is constructed in a modular fashion so that additional information can be added to the site as it is created. They have a lot of content ideas, and we incorporate them as those concepts are presented.

Project challenge

Build an informational website that provides relevant information to GTiMA members and attracts new members to the organization.

Our solution

We used WordPress to build the site. The site is mostly a single page, but the sections of the page are separate template files that are included in the main page. Building the site this way allows us to quickly add new content areas to the site.

GTiMA website on various devices

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